Training SquadsPlayers train intensively with the coach in a group environment focusing on appropriate level hitting and tactical play with and against players of a similar ability. 

  • Red Ball Hot Shots Lesson (5 - 8 years)

  • Orange Ball Hot Shots Lesson (8 - 10 years) 

  • Green Ball Squad

  • Girls Only Squad 

Private LessonsPlayers work individually with their coach to develop their technique and work on goals specific to their tennis.


Hit-up SessionsThis is where a player can play hit with a coach to practice their craft and build on their hitting fitness or warm up for tournament play. 

Match Analysis JournalWe encourage the use of journals and teach our students how to get the most out of reflection and statistics related to their match day performance. Learning from experience is an important part of an elite player’s routine and development


Mentor Sessions This includes individual goals setting and tournament scheduling. We regularly work with each player to review their plans and help them focus on their own pathway, noting personal achievements and addressing areas of concern.

Strength and Conditioning TrainingSmall group or individual sessions in partnership with Aspire Group who are specialists in health, wellness and sport performance.